Welcome to Robuk

Add value to your legal practice or business by streamlining your delivery and collection processes.

Robuk are specialist process servers and we provide an innovative approach to document serving, subject location, debt collection and the protection of your assets. Remove this often time consuming and increasingly concerning pressure from your workflow. Robuk lets your business focus on its business!


Core Services

Document Serving

We serve all court related documents on firms and/or individuals and take pride in providing personalised service. We guarantee the service of documents to be timely and lawful.

IP Infringement Action

Your intellectual property is a valuable asset which requires protection.

Subject / Skip Tracing

We have a vast experience and understanding of locating missing persons, no matter the reason.

Debt Collection

ROBUK has experienced agents nationwide who are able to negotiate with debtors and achieve settlements on your behalf.

Private Investigations

Investigation covers a wide range of activities from gathering information/evidence, fact finding and surveillance.

Other Services

Mystery Shopping

We recognise that businesses operate in a competitive environment, and what separates your business from others is having assurance that your customers receive excellent service.

IT Security/ Computer Investigations

Our experienced consultant is qualified and certified in the areas of: Certified Information Security Professional, (CISSP); Certified Information Security Manager, (CISM); and SABSA Institute, Certified Security Specialist (CSS)

Family Tracing

ROBUK has the skills and networks to find lost family members, relatives, and acquaintances.

Vehicle Audits

ROBUK undertakes specialised assignments for the insurance industry to ensure that vehicles and plant sold through Licensed Dealerships in New Zealand are compliant with the manufacturers’ documentation.

Asset Security

ROBUK is experienced in the procedures relating to securing property and other assets that may be subject to company liquidation, receivership or mortgagee sale.